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A good oyster mitt is worth its weight in gold.

Anyone who has worked with oysters knows this fact. Oysters are slippery animals with sharp edges and will damage your hands if you are not careful. The best protection against cutting yourself is to have a good quality oyster mitt.

Reason to Use an Oyster Mitt
The best Oyster mitts made in the USA Oyster Mitts for Safety

Oyster Mitts

$ 23.95 plus UPS Shipping

(Minimum Order of 4 gloves required)

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 The strength of our Oyster Mitts is Kevlar©. The same stuff made into bullet proof vests. Kevlar is a fiber that is five (5) times stronger than steel, does not rust or corrode and is heat and cut resistant. The strength of Kevlar is unaffected by water.

Our Oyster Mitts are constructed with four layers of Kevlar material with an epoxy bonding agent fusing the layers into one solid oversized mitt. On one side of the oyster mitt, there is an ergonomic design with a nylon wrist band and individual nylon bands for each finger and thumb. This Kevlar glove design provides the highest degree of safety for your hand and an oyster mitt that is comfortable, easy to wear and durable. Our oyster mitt will accommodate the largest oysters down to the smallest with ease. The design and construction of the mitt help to minimize accidental slips by providing the flexibility needed to wrap around the oyster and maintain a good grip.


Our Oyster Mitts are designed to be used as oyster shucking gloves and can also be used as shellfish gloves. Use them to help shuck clams, scallops, mussels - in all situations where protecting your hands and maintaining a firm grip is important.

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